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Our contracts practice is the culmination of years of experience protecting our client’s interests and furthering their business goals. Whether a joint venture, buy-out agreement, licensing arrangement, commercial lease, contract for services, indemnity agreement, settlement agreement, or independent contractor agreement, our clients have come to rely on our legal expertise and meticulous drafting to protect their business and ensure their legal rights. Depending on our client’s needs, we serve as advisors from initial contract negotiations through execution of a final document. Additionally, the same lawyers that negotiate, draft, and review legal agreements are also experienced litigators ready to enforce those agreements, and have successfully done so time and again in courts throughout the country.

Our contracts practice goes far beyond standard form agreements and boilerplate legalese. Our agreements are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ particularized needs, and oftentimes form the very foundation upon which our clients launch their business directives and secure their competitive position in the marketplace.

Along with negotiation strategies, contract language, and litigation, we advise our clients on a vast array of matters arising under contract law, including contract basics, the statute of frauds, parol evidence and judicial interpretation, promissory estoppel and detrimental reliance, capacity, mistake, misrepresentation and non-disclosure, novations, unconscionability, fraud, breach, specific performance and injunctive relief, compensatory damages, liquidated damages, accord and satisfaction, assignment, and choice of laws.

P.E. Training, LLC:

“With Freeman & Freeman advising me on the legal end, I feel the confidence and freedom to be aggressive in my business plan and feel empowered in all of my business negotiations and dealings. By making Freeman & Freeman a part of my team, I feel as if the law now works for me rather than against me, and I am now able to avoid the legal pitfalls which have devoured so many other new business owners. Most importantly, Freeman & Freeman is sensitive to the cash flows of small business, and has provided a payment plan that financially allows me to utilize their service on a regular basis.”

-Paul Evans, President

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